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18 Jun 2024 8:43:57 UTC

How to Play?

  • Buy lottery tickets by sending your coins to the cryptocurrency wallet address of your choice and wait a few minutes for the purchase. Check "Players" section.
  • The prize is sent to the wallet address from which the winning ticket was purchased. Use only a private wallet.
  • When the purchase has been verified, a range of consecutive numbers will be assigned according to the order of arrival.
  • Lotteries are held every Sunday at 23:30 UTC. A random number will be selected as the winner. The winner will be whose lottery tickets include the winning number. Check "Winners" section.
  • In order for the lottery to be held, the minimum prize must be reached and there must be at least two players.
  • Players that cannot be verified on time or from lotteries that cannot be held, due to not reaching the requirements, will be saved for the next week and beyond.
  • The prize is up to 99% of what the players bought and is paid out in less than 24 hours.